Introduction à l’imagerie médicale et à la microscopie optique

Introduction à l'imagerie médicale et à la microscopie optique


    BIME - H407



Level of the qualification framework

    Niveau 7 (2e cycle-MA/MC/MA60)


    Biomedical Sciences


  • Frank DUBOIS - Introduction à la microscopie optique
  • Olivier DEBEIR - Introduction à l'imagerie médicale

Study programme(s) featuring the teaching unit

  • M-IRBCS - Master en bioingénieur : chimie et bio-industries, à finalité spécialisée (5 crédits, optionnel)
  • M-IRCBS - Master en ingénieur civil biomédical (5 crédits, obligatoire)

Contribution of the teaching unit to the programme profile

  • Prof. Frank Dubois: Having a critical analysis of the choice of an optical microscopy technique based screening sample

Objectives of the teaching unit (and/or specific learning outcomes

  • Prof. Frank Dubois: Learn the optical microscopy techniques with emphasis on the capabilities and limitations of each type of instrument for students to be able to select and set the type of microscope suitable for each specific application

Contents of the teaching unit

  • Revision of geometrical and wave optics
  • General architecture of an optical microscope
  • The components in an optical microscope
  • The different types of conventional microscopes
  • Holographic Microscopy
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • The fluorescence microscopy
  • Confocal microscopy
  • structured light microscopy

Teaching method and learning activities

    Lectures, exercise sessions and practicals

Other course materials

    Students receive slides of the presentations

References, Bibliography and recommended reading

  • Jerome Mertz, « Introduction to optical microscopy », Roberts & Company Publishers, 2009
  • Mortimer Abramowitz, « Fluorescence microscopy, The essentials », Volume 4, Basics and beyond series, Olympus, America Inc. 1993
  • Davidson and Abramowitz, "Optical Microscopy"

Method(s) of assessment

    Oral exams