Instrumentation for process technology


    CHIM - H405



Level of the qualification framework

    Niveau 7 (2e cycle-MA/MC/MA60)



Study programme(s) featuring the teaching unit

    M-IRMAE-P - Master en ingénieur civil en chimie et science des matériaux – Option Process technology (4 crédits, obligatoire)

Contribution of the teaching unit to the programme profile

    To Get students to follow the modern instrumentation problems in fluid physics theory into practice. Enable students to understand and have a critical analysis on the respective performances of modern methods of optical metrology in fluid physics.

Objectives of the teaching unit (and/or specific learning outcomes

    To lead the students to follow modern problems of thermodynamics from theory to experiment and applications. To provide an overview of the optical methods for fluid physics.

Contents of the teaching unit

  • Thermodynamics of irrersible processes, theory of mixtures
  • Introduction to geometrical optics
  • Introduction to wave optics
  • Interferometry for metrology in fluid physics and processing methods
  • Exercices and experimental demonstration
  • Optical metrology based on interferometry and geometrical optics

Teaching method and learning activities

    Magistral courses, seminars, exercices and experimental demonstration and practicals

Other course materials

    PowerPoint presentations

References, Bibliography and recommended reading

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Method(s) of assessment

    Oral exams