Non destructive testing of materials


    BIME – H507



Level of the qualification framework

    Niveau 7 (2e cycle-MA/MC/MA60)




Study programme(s) featuring the teaching unit

  • M-IRMAE-M - Master en ingénieur civil en chimie et science des matériaux - Option Materials science (3 crédits, optionnel)
  • M-IRMAE-P - Master en ingénieur civil en chimie et science des matériaux - Option Process technology (3 crédits, optionnel)

Contribution of the teaching unit to the programme profile

    This course unit contributes to the following competences:
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work in an international and / or intercultural context
  • An integrated overview of materials in the process of compliance testing

Objectives of the teaching unit (and/or specific learning outcomes

    The objective is to give a modern introduction on Non destructive methods and to illustrate by several actual applications

Contents of the teaching unit

  • The lecture reviews some modern methods of non-destructive methods actually used in industry.
  • For that purpose the course involves a review of Geometrical optics and wave optics. Effects on light of rough objects are described.
  • Optical shape measurement methods are given and experimentally demonstrated.
  • Processing methods for object shapes measurements are provided.
  • Several holographic methods for defect detections / deformation measurement and vibrational object response are exposed and experimentally demonstrated.
  • Students are invited to prepare a presentation on a non-optical NDT method.

Teaching method and learning activities

    Courses, experimental demonstrations and personnal work presented to the other students.

Other course materials

    The slides of the course are provided to the students

References, Bibliography and recommended reading

  • Paul E. Mix, "Introduction to Nondestructive testing, A training Guide", Second Edition, Wiley-Interscience, 2005
  • R. Jones and C. Wykes, "Holographic and Speckle Interferometry", Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics, 1989
  • Joseph W. Goodman, "Introduction to Fourier Optics", McGraw-Hill, (1988)

Method(s) of assessment

    Oral Examination. There is also to presentation by each of a technique not given in the course. There is a mark for the this personnal work (PW). Presentations are made before the June session and the oral exams happen in the June session.