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PhD in Mechanics of Liquid, Gas and Plasma

Competence fields

Fluid Dynamics
Numerical Modelling
Multiphase Flows
Math Softwares

Representative publications

  • V. Shaidakov, S. Urmancheev, O. Poletaeva, D. Balapanov, M. Musaev, E. Shaidakov, "Mechanical impurities coagulation in liquid flow" OIlfield Engineering, 9, 53-55 (2009).
  • D.M. Balapanov and S.F. Urmancheev, “Role of interphase interactions during gas detonation in inert porous medium”, Technical Physics Letters, 36, 618-622 (2010).
  • E. Shaidakov, O. Poletaeva, V. Shaidakov, V. Umetbaev, N. Katrich, D. Balapanov, “Magnetic coagulation of mechanical impurities”, Oil and Gas Business, 4, 102-114 (2011).
  • F. Prodi, G. Santachiara, F. Belosi, A. Vedernikov, D. Balapanov, “Phoretic forces on aerosol particles surrounding an evaporating droplet in microgravity conditions”, Atmospheric Research, 142, 40–44 (2014).
  • A. Vedernikov, D. Balapanov, "One-dimensional model and solutions for creeping gas flows in the approximation of uniform pressure" Phys. Rev. E 94, 053121.


  • Patent RU 2410332, 2009, Method of coagulating and removing ferromagnetic particles from stream of liquid or gas, V.V. Shaidakov, S.F. Urmancheev, O.Yu. Poletaeva, D.M. Balapanov, E.V. Shaidakov, E.V. Chernova.