DONGO Patrice Désiré

DONGO Patrice Désiré

PhD Student

+32 2 650 31 74


Master in Physics, electronic option

Competence fields

Solar Energy
Charge Controller


Representative publications

  • P. D. Dongo, R. Tchitnga, C. Tchapga Tchito, A. R. Tchamda, J. K. Tangka and A. Fomethe: Design Simulation and Realization of an Intelligent Charge Controller (ICC) for Accumulators in Renewable Energy Power Stations In: African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development AJSTID 4, No.4 (2012)36-54.
  • P. D. Dongo, R. Tchitnga, J. K. Tangka and A. Fomethe: Contribution to the design, simulation and realization of an intelligent charge controller of accumulators in renewable energy power stations, Abstract and Poster contributions presented at the 1rst International Conference from the African Network for Solar Energy ANSOLE DAYS 2012, Yaoundé – Cameroon, February 16 to 19, 2012. [Best poster prize]
  • P. D. Dongo,A.D.Kapim,F.B.Pelap :Effect of a Thermal Nonlinear Resistance on the Power Output of the PV Cell , In Journal of Energy Technologies and Policy IISTE , Vol.4, No.12, 2014.
  • F.B.Pelap, P. D. Dongo,A.D.Kapim: Optimization of the characteristics of the PV cells using nonlinear electronic components, In Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments ,Elsevier ,Vol 16,2016.
  • International Conferences