Senior Researcher

+32 2 650 31 71


Master in Physics Sciences, Civil Engineer in Physics

Competence fields

Fluid Mechanics
Heat and Mass Transfer
Thermal Analysis Modelling
Telescience operation
IT manager

Representative publications

  • Molina, M., Iorio, C. S., Queeckers, P., Coulloux, J. J., & Lo Presti, A. (2016, July 10), Graphene Loop Heat Pipe testing. 46th International Conference on Environmental Systems

  • Vandenrijt, J.-F., Thizy, C., Georges, M., Queeckers, P., Dubois, F., & Doyle, D. (2014), Long-wave infrared digital holographic interferometry with diffuser or point source illuminations for measuring deformations of aspheric mirrors. Optical engineering, 53(11),112309. doi:10.1117/1.OE.53.11.112309

  • Cheverda, V., Glushchuk, A., Queeckers, P., Chikov, S., & Kabov, O. (2013, February), Liquid rivulets moved by shear stress of gas flow at altered levels of gravity. Microgravity,science and technology, 1-9.

  • Georges, M., Vandenrijt, J.-F., Thizy, C., Stockman, Y., Queeckers, P., Dubois, F., & Doyle, D. (2013, January). Digital holographic interferometry with CO2 lasers and diffuse illumination applied to large space reflector metrology [Invited]. Applied optics, 52(1), A102-A116. doi:10.1364/AO.52.00A102

  • Hermand, J.-P., Randall, J., Dubois, F., Queeckers, P., Yourassowsky, C., Roubaud, F., Grelet, J., Roudaut, G., Sarre, A., & Brehmer, P. (2013). In-situ holography microscopy of plankton and particles over the continental shelf of Senegal. International Symposium on Ocean Electronics,, 6701926 154-163.

  • Vandenrijt, J.-F., Thizy, C., Stockman, Y., Queeckers, P., Dubois, F., Doyle, D., & Georges, M. (2012). Digital holography at long-wave infrared for measuring the deformation of large space reflectors under thermal vacuum. ESA SP, 691 SP.

  • Scheid, B., Margerit, J., Iorio, C. S., Joannes, L., Heraud, M. M., Queeckers, P., Dauby, P. C., & Colinet, P. (2012). Onset of thermal ripples at the interface of an evaporating liquid. Experiments in fluids, 52, 1107-1119. doi:10.1007/s00348-011-1238-4

  • Dubois, F., Yourassowsky, C., Callens, N., Minetti, C., Queeckers, P., Podgorski, T., & Brandenburger, A.-N. (2011). Digital holographic microscopy working with a partially spatial coherent source. Springer series in surface sciences, 46(1), 31-59. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-15813-1_2

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