Senior Researcher

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PhD in Physics

Competence fields

Experiments in microgravity
Fluid Dynamics
Dynamic Balancing

Representative publications

  • Vedernikov, A. and D. Balapanov (2016). "One-dimensional model and solutions for creeping gas flows in the approximation of uniform pressure." Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 94(5).
  • Santachiara, G., F. Prodi, F. Belosi and A. Vedernikov (2014). "Observation of macroscopic aerosol motion due to thermal creep on chamber walls at low Knudsen number in microgravity." Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 57: 221-225.
  • Vedernikov, A., N. Freuville, D. Balapanov and A. Cecere (2012). Cloud manipulation system: Thermal characterization and drop tower experiment. Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC.
  • Blum, J., A. C. Levasseur-Regourd, O. Muñoz, R. J. Slobodrian and A. Vedernikov (2008). "Dust in space." Europhysics News 39(3): 27-29.
  • Melikhov, I. V., A. A. Vedernikov, E. F. Simonov and S. S. Berdonosov (1996). "Experimental detection of the chemojet motion of solid particles in aerosols." Doklady Physical Chemistry 346(1-3): 8-11.
  • Prodi, F., G. Santachiara, L. Di Matteo, A. Vedernikov, S. A. Beresnev and V. G. Chernyak (2007). "Measurements of thermophoretic velocities of aerosol particles in microgravity conditions in different carrier gases." Journal of Aerosol Science 38(6): 645-655.
  • Prodi, F., G. Santachiara, S. Travaini, A. Vedernikov, F. Dubois, C. Minetti and J. C. Legros (2006). "Measurements of phoretic velocities of aerosol particles in microgravity conditions." Atmospheric Research 82(1-2): 183-189.
  • Vedernikov, A. A., F. Prodi, G. Santachiara, S. Travaini, F. Dubois and J. C. Legros (2005). "Thermophoretic measurements in presence of thermal stress convection in aerosols in microgravity conditions of drop tower." Microgravity Science and Technology 17(3): 102-105.
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  • Dupont, O., F. Dubois, A. Vedernikov, J. C. Legros, J. Willneff and C. Lockowandt (1999). "Photogrammetric set-up for the analysis of particle motion in aerosol under miorogravity conditions." Measurement Science and Technology 10(10): 921-933.


  • Patent N 1058112 (USSR), 1983, Apparatus for crystallization, V.V.Suvorov, S.A. Fetisova, L.M. Maliarova, V.K.Trunov, A.A. Efremov, V.A. Dzhanibekov, L.D. Iskhakova, G.V.