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Design and processing engineer in electronics, Minsk State Radio-engineering Institute (1992).

Competence fields

Cold-spray deposition of coatings
Laser technologies
Heat and mass transfer

Representative publications

  • V. Yasnou, M. Saraseko, V. Yanusov “Production and Properties of Composite Materials on the Basis of Clad Powders,” Proc. 7th Int. Conference “Materials, Technologies and Equipment in Production, Maintenance, Repair and Modernization of Machines”, April 29-30, 2009, Novopolotsk, vol.1. – pp 178-182
  • V. Yasnou, V. Artemjev, K. Arshinov, M. Arshinov, S. Yurkevich, M. Saraseko “Production of Composite Coatings with Improved Operating Characteristics by Gas-dynamic Spraying Method,” Proc. 3rd Int. Conference “Modern Methods and Technologies of Production and Processing of Materials”, October 15-17, 2008, Minsk, vol.2 “High-energy Technologies of Production and Strengthening of Materials and Machine Elements”. – pp. 76-81
  • V.Yasnou, M. Saraseko, I. Kashevich, V. Yanusov “Features of Composite Powders Production on the Basis of Ceramics and Polymers” Proc. Int. Conference “Advanced Materials and Technologies”, March 27-28, 2008, Vitebsk. – pp. 232-236
  • V.Yasnou, K.Arshinov, M. Arshinov, M. Saraseko, S. Yurkevich “Composite Coatings Al2O3/Al:Zn, Al2O3/Cu,” Proc. XLVI Int. Conference “Urgent Problems of Strength”. October 15-17, 2007, Vitebsk, Vol. 1.- pp. 355-360
  • V.Yasnou, K.Arshinov, M. Arshinov, A. Linevich, M. Saraseko, S. Yurkevich “Composite Coatings with Improved Operating Characteristics” Proc. 2nd Int. Conference “Modern Methods and Technologies of Production and Processing of Materials”. In two volumes. Vol. 2. / Minsk: Ekoperspektiva, 2007. October 3-5, 2007/ the Inst. Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. – pp. 74-78
  • A. Mialdun, V. Yasnou, V. Shevtsova, “An experimental study of the dynamics of liquid interface subject to shear-induced flow,” Proc. Int. Congress “Multi Flow 2010”, Brussels, Belgium, 2010


  • Patent invention N°2222851 of the Russian Federation “Method of Leakproof Installation of an Exciting Flash-lamp in a Solid-state Laser”.
  • Patent invention N°11019 of the Republic of Belarus “Method of Determining Temperature and Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide in Gaseous Medium”.
  • Positive decision has been taken concerning the patent application “Method and Device for Application of Powder Coatings” submitted to the Patent Agencies of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.