Marangoni Convection
20 November 2016
20 November 2016

VIPIL : Vibrational Phenomena in Liquids

Mixing of liquids, vibrational convection, instability, interface distortion, flow pattern.
Start/end dates
January 2012 – December 2015
VIPIL project is focused on the mass transfer under vibrations. This study was initiated by the pioneer experiment SOVICON on the observation of the interface behavior between miscible liquids and vibrational convection in reduced gravity, conducted in the 49th Parabolic Flight Campaigns organized by the European Space Agency. It results in the preparation of VIPIL proposal in the response of ESA AO-2009 call and will continue in the frame of the preparation the experiment VIPIL on the ISS.

The current research is aimed to provide experimental and numerical evidence for the instabilities in miscible fluids in the case of horizontal vibrations parallel to the interface. The vibrations correspond to sinusoidal translations of a rigid cell at a fixed frequency and amplitude. The ability of applied vibrations to enhance the flow, mixing and interface distortions is the target of investigations.

The principal task for the moment is to create a sharp interface between miscible/immiscible liquids in microgravity. Our team has recently created injection design which demonstrates good performance in ground tests. However, an injection system is not suitable mean for creating liquid-liquid interface according to technical assessment of ESA and alternative solutions are sought. The idea of applying an electrical field to a mixture that exhibits miscibility gap is under exploration.

Flight opportunities
International Space Station (ISS): TBC.




  • Daniel Beysens, CEA-ESEME, ESPCI-PMMH (France)
  • Tatyana Lyubimova, ICMM UB RAS (Russia)
  • Victor Emelyanov, IPM RAS (Russia)
  • Satoshi Matsumoto, JAXA (Japan)
  • Sakir Amiroudine, TREFLE (France)
  • Jeff Porter, E.T.S.I. Aeronauticos (Spain)
  • Farzam Zoueshtiagh, IEMN CNRS (France)
  • Ranga Narayanan, University of Florida (USA)


Research Network

  • ESA, Topical Team "Vibrational phenomena"